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VEGAN ‘Wool’ Cashmelon Harem Pants
Comfy - Soft - Loungewear
VEGAN ‘Wool’ Cashmelon Alibaba Pants
Yoga - Meditation - Chill
International Size Chart Conversion Table From UK Sizes
UK Size ues) Waist (Inches) Hips (Inches) US Size 6 30 24 32 4 8/10 32-34 26-28 34-36 6/8 12/14 36-38 30-32 38-40 10/12 16/18 40-42 34-36 42-44 14/16 20/22 44-46 38-40 46-48 18/20 24/26 48-50 42-44 50-52 22/24 28/30 52-54 46-48 54-56 26/28 If the above sizes are not quoted with the description of the item then the item is 'Free-Size and will fit typically most sizes . Please note that it is usual for most Ethnic/Hippy and Gothic clothes typically to come through in a 'Free-Size'and the design and fabric will fully compliment the variation of sizes. Where this isn't practical and none of the above sizes are quoted small, medium and large are quoted as a guide.
Afghani Fair trade Hand Dyed Alibaba Harem Pants
Harem Alibaba Hippy Hippie Boho Baggy Trousers
Bright & Brilliant Balloon Retro Trousers
Yoga Beach Festival Loungewear Funky Hippy Hippie Retro
Elephant Palazzo Wide Leg Pants Free Size
Bohemian Palazzo Elephant Harem
Ethnic Maru Palazzo Trousers
Green Patchwork Harem Pants with Elasticated Waist
Patchwork Spring Summer Autumnal
Lace Panel Pixie Yoga Crop Leggings
Pixie Bohemian Hippy Hippie Layering Fae Fairy
Mandala Peacock Harem Pants
Boho Hippy Gypsy Hippie Alibaba Harem Rayon Baggy
Peacock Mandala Print Harem Pants
Hippy Boho Hippie Harem Alibaba Baggy
Purple Crinkle Loose Trousers
Yoga Comfy Crinkle Purple Drawstring Baggy
SALE! - Bamboo Print Turquoise Drawstring Leg Trousers
Summer Comfy Yoga Beach Bamboo Ethical Harem
Wide Leg Curved Hem Floral Trousers
Hippy Hippie Lime Green Bright Yoga Summer