Pagan~ Wiccan Pentacle and Broomstick Red Embossed Book of Shadows~ By Folio Gothic Hippy D1021C4

MAG7020. Ouija Boards slate (may have natural imperfections).Description: The board measures 41cm by 30cm and is made from a 18mm thick slate. The Board is beautifully decorated with celtic patterns and has a glass cover. The board comes with a 4mm thick, beautifully decorated planchette, instructions/guidelines and card board storage box. Warning: Folio cannot be held liable for any consequences, direct or other that are the result of the use of our boards. The use of our boards is the sole responsibility of our customers. We recommend that these boards are not used by children or those of a nervous disposition and are used as a serious method of mediumship. Ouija boards (pronounced wee-ja), also known as Talking Boards or Isis Boards, are one of the more popular occult practices of the modern day. Ouija boards have been thought of as many things, including harmless fun, the work of the Devil, sub-plots for cheesy horror movies such as the 1985 film Witchboard and one of things most parents don't want to discover in their children's rooms, sometimes even less so than pornography, illegal drugs and live ammunition combined. Many people have stories or urban legends of what happened when a 'friend of a guy I once knew's cousin' used one. There is currently no real scientific evidence to suggest that ouija boards do actually work in any supernatural capacity, but there are plenty of people out there who believe in them, and lots of stories, urban legends and folklore to suggest that ouija boards do empower the user to communicate with entities from 'the other side'. There are no shortage of people who think ouija boards are purely evil, no shortage of those who believe in using their power and no shortage of those who don't believe in 'silly' things like ghosts or evil spirits.
Pagan~ Wiccan Pentacle and Broomstick Red Embossed Book of Shadows~ By Folio Gothic Hippy D1021C4

Pagan Wiccan Red Pentacle and Broomstick Book of Shadows
Wiccan Pentacle Book of Shadows NEMESIS NOW

Carefully sourced and fairly traded by Folio Gothic Hippy and Nemesis Now, this Book of shadows is beautifully made and carefully decorated for an authentic aged and magickal look. In a deep red, this leather journal is fastened on the front and decorated with a pentacle in the middle and a lock on the side. A beautiful gift or personal useage as a book of shadows for all your spells and dreams.

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