Pagan~ Triple Moon Black Witchcraft "Ceres" Cauldron by Nemesis Now~ By Folio Gothic Hippy NEM6252

CDL3501. Black Pillar Candles with coloured Pentagram 3 asst 6"x3" approx.The pentagram was a significant symbol from ancient times, with the earliest signs being on Mesopotamian potsherds from around 3500 BC. It was used by the Hebrews, being ascribed to Truth and to the five books of the Pentateuch. It is sometimes called the Seal of Solomon (although the Star of David is more usually called this) - more on this below. It was a very important symbol to the followers of Pythagoras (586-506 BC) in ancient Greece - more on this below. Early Christians attributed the pentagram to the Five Wounds of Christ and from then until medieval times, it was a lesser-used Christian symbol. For example, the Emperor Constantine I, after gaining the help of the Christian church in his military and religious takeover of the Roman Empire in 312 AD, used the pentagram, together with the chi-rho symbol, in his seal and amulet. Prior to the time of the Inquisition, there were no 'evil' associations to the pentagram. In Medieval times, the 'Endless Knot' was a symbol of Truth and was a protection against demons. It was used as an amulet of personal protection and to guard windows and doors.
Pagan~ Triple Moon Black Witchcraft "Ceres" Cauldron by Nemesis Now~ By Folio Gothic Hippy NEM6252
Pagan Wiccan Witchcraft Black Triple Moon Cauldron
Wiccan Triple Moon Cauldron NEMESIS NOW

Carefully sourced and fairly traded by Folio Gothic Hippy and Nemesis Now, this Cauldron is a stunning midnight black after being carefully hand crafted by artists at Nemesis Now, and accented with a simple triple moon symbol raised decal on the front of the Cauldron. Perfect for decoration or spell useage in coven or solitary practice in pagans and wiccans.

Colour: As seen in picture
Size: 8cm

Weight: 0.6KG

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