Mallah Mala Bracelet & Sari Pouch

Mallah Mala Bracelet & Sari Pouch

A 28 bead set of mallah beads strung on an elasticated cord, perfect for wearing on the wrist. Each mallah comes in its own little recycled sari pouch with a lokta paper info card making it an attractive gift.

In Tibetan Buddhism it is common for 21 or 28 bead mallahs to be used to facilitate counting when performing prostrations (ritual bows.) They contain less beads than the typical 108 bead mallah so that they are easier to carry around.

Tassel and sari pouch colour varies.
Origin: Nepal

  • 28 bead mallah on elastic
  • Comes in a recycled sari pouch (colour varies)
  • Commonly used in Buddhist meditation
  • Handmade in Nepal
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Product Code: NP227