Folio, an eclectic and flamboyant boutique, in the heart of Southsea, was founded by Amanda in 1987, and began selling handmade mohair jumpers at the Tricorn Centre ‘Village’ in Portsmouth. With a rich history, 2 Marmion Road has become quite the location for boutiques such as Folio. After starting its retail life as a family run tobacconist, next to move in was Apache Boutique, established by Rikki Farr - the person responsible for not only the iconic Birdcage Club, but also one of the leading minds of the Isle of Wight Festival. Soon to follow was Scrooge Boutique, which resonates with Portsmouth locals as the ‘go to shop’ for any large collars or bell bottoms during the 70’s. After Scrooge, Bennetons was the next business venture of No.2; still a business today, they specialise in knitwear. This brings us from 1987 up until present day with Folio of 2 Marmion Road being one of the longest trading independent businesses in Portsmouth. 

Folio itself, known as ‘the purple hippie shop’, has become somewhat of a local landmark. Passing through generations, people from near and far remark at how long we have traded. People will leave the city of Portsmouth and come back years later and express their happiness to us that their once local hippy shop still stands. It may be a small premises, but the aura it projects is simply encapsulating.

Over the years of retailing, we have found many suppliers who we support by stocking their items. We trade directly with fellow family run businesses for our clothes, accessories, crystals and home decor from India and Nepal, stocking new designs and ideas all year round. All of our incense and ornaments are sourced from sustainable UK based suppliers who also trade directly with India themselves. We aim to keep our prices low and affordable, so that you can enjoy our stock as much as we do.

From Amanda, Rhia and Ziggy